Jelly, Nolesy, Bumhead, and Boobs (L to R)

Lodging a membership application is as simple as filling out the online membership application and paying your fees directly to Garie Boardriders by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):

Garie Boardriders Inc
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB 06 2164
Account 10239690

The payment description should be “Surname Initial” i.e. “Smith A” or “Smith Family”

Fees: $20 Juniors, $70 Open & Masters, Families with Juniors $100

When we update our membership database with these details you will receive a further email confirming your membership details and division.

If you have any questions email garie.registrar@gmail.com.

Life Members

"Life Membership is not the end of our efforts for the club it is only the beginning." 
Danga 1992 & often restated

Gary Kennedy (Snake)
Snake was a founding member & secretary for from 1978 to 1985. Snake is held up by our member as the founding father of the club.

Peter West (Westy)
Westy was a founding member and president from 1978 to 1984.

Paul Armstrong (Fatman)
Paul was a founding member and major club sponsor & surf board shaper from 1978 to 1991 with his company Express Surfboards.

Lex Barnett (Barney)
Lex is still a wave magnet and can still be found surfing his favourite left hander at the northern end of Garie beach when ever the swell is up and from the north. What can you say about a man that seems perpetually inside every available barrel!  A 2018 updated - he is still at it...

Terry Savage (Sause)
Sause was a founding member who has moved north to Queensland.

Gary Grove (Grovey)
Gary was a founding member and made a consistent contribution to the clubs executive and management as Vice President between 1984 and 1991. Gary is one of those easy going guys who was always there to give a hand and help manage the clubs competitive and social activities. Every club has them and life membership was recognition that the club values the support of our grass roots members.

Stephen Cox (Coxy)
Coxy was a founding member and remains a major club sponsor through his Surf Shop Island Aclassic. Coxy is a most capable surfer and is renowned for his like for big waves and bigger mountains for snow boarding. If Sandon point is over 10 foot he'll be out there. Coxy still competes when he can drag him self away from his business or he is not travelling Asia or Europe looking for waves or big snowy mountains.

Chris O Callaghan (O Cal)
O Cal was a founding member as a Junior. O Cal was President for 2 years in the late 1980ís and was the clubís best surfer without any doubt during the entire 1980ís. O Cal competed in ASP trials and APSA events and in several State Titles as a Junior, Open and Senior competitor. O'Cal was club champion in numerous years and Illawara Area Boardriding Association champion in 1986 and O'Cal run an island in Tahiti and is the Contest Director for the Billabong Pro at Teahupoo in Tahiti.

Brett Daintry (Danga) brett@daintry.com.au
Danga joined in 1983 and has been an integral part of club management and club surfing since that date holding positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Contest Director, Contest Director and Public Officer. Danga competed in ASP trials, APSA, ACC events and still competes at State Titles. as he has since being a Junior.  Still very active in the Club and Surfing Australia events. Danga is the current Secretary/Treasurer.

Hans Bendle (Hans)
Hans joined in 1989 was club Secretary for 4 years. Hans made a great effort in managing the club's affairs over this period and in running the club contest during the same period. Hans was granted life membership in 1995.  Since 1995 Hans has continued as Secretary and Treasurer for long periods often to assist you members of the committee run the club.  Hans is our Public Officer of Incorporation and provides oversight of the running of the Club.

Mark Brown (Browny)
Browny joined in 1985 and has held positions of Senior Contest Director and Contest Director. Browny competed in ASP trials, APSA, ACC events and in State Titles as a Open, Senior and Masters competitor. Browny was club champion in 1986 and has been a consistent surfer since he joined and Senior men's champion in recent years. We expect to see Browny back in the water in after a serious surfing accident in 2005 and plagued by surfers' back....

Glen Steele (Steele)
Steele joined the club in 1982 and is one of the rare breed of surfers who is actually a good surfer and footy player. Steele played rugby league for the Cronulla Sharks and for a footy head is a good surfer. Steele was the President of the junior division of Garie Surf Life Saving Club, has been an active supporter of North Cronulla Junior Boardriders.

Lloyd Chaplin (King of Bundeena)
Lloyd joined the club in 1980 and has been a consistent competitor since that date. Lloyd's primary role in the club over the years has been to clear the competition area. Lloyd has over the years proven, with his command of the English language, to be most effective in clearing the surf for our competitions.  Lloyd most recent contributions have been as a significant sponsor of the Club and running a muck at Garie, keep it up Lloydy.

Drew Cousemaker (Couse or Captain) drewcouse@aol.com
Couse joined our club in 1987 and in the early 1990's he took an interest in club management. By the mid 1990's he took on roles as contest director and senior contest director. He took more responsibility for club management in the late 1990's and was elected president taking on that position for four seasons and doing an excellent job at.  His efforts over this period included organising our teams to Kirra, the 21st and 25th Anniversary Dinners.

Kyle Miller (Milsy)- (waiting for salutation from Drew Cousemacker)

Drew Chandler (Jelly)- (waiting for salutation from Drew Cousemacker)

Drew Wright (Itchy Rat or Rawy)- (waiting for salutation from Drew Cousemacker)

Greg McKee (Magoo) - (waiting for salutation from Drew Cousemacker)

Jeff Ryan - Jeff (Shaggy) Ryan joined the club with his brother Paul in 2002.  Shaggy has since then always made a big effort at every competition he has attended to help the committee of the day run the event.  Always holding his hand up to judge and more often then not running buy the food and running the BBQ.  This commitment to the social fabric of the club has been tireless and Shags was given life membership in 2019 as recognition of the 17 years he has dedicated to the club.