Paddle Out for Lex Barnett - this Sunday 10am

Hi everyone,

If you have not heard, Lex Barnett, one of our founding and life members, passed away last week.  
Anne Barnett and family have invited all Garie Boardriders, past and present members, to join them at Wanda SLSC Friday 21 February 2020, from 2pm, to celebrate the life of Lex.

Garie Boardriders are hosting Anne and the family for a Paddle Out at Garie Sunday 23 February 2020 at 10am.

We are meeting at the Garie Surf Safety Centre at 9:30am and the paddle out will be at 10am.

Please email garie.registrar@gmail.com if you are coming so we can ensure we have enough Sausages and Rolls for everyone.

Lex Barnett

RIP - Lex Barnnett

RIP Lex Barnett
Life Member
Garie Boardriders

too young at 61

Anne Barnett and family have invited all Garie Boardriders, past and present members, to join them at Wanda SLSC Friday 21 February 2020, from 2pm, to celebrate the life of Lex.  We look forward to seeing many old faces attending.

Lex Barnett 

Save the Date

Garie Boardriders have pencilled in a Paddle Out for 10am Sunday 1 March 2020 at Garie Beach.  The normal BBQ and Esky is planned.  This will be confirmed with Anne and the family so please subscribe to this website and join Garie’s Facebook Group to be kept informed.  Enter your email address in the Follow by Email box to the right on this page.

Clean Up Australia Day & Competition No.2 - Sunday 1 March 2020 @ Garie Beach

Hi Members Past and Present,

Please reserve this date for Clean-Up Australia Day at Garie.

Please register your attendance on the following web-page.

Garie Mums - Bubbles provided with Juice.


RIP Lex Barnett

RIP Lex Barnett
Life Member
Garie Boardriders

too young at 61

We all love our life, as surfers, and only surfers can understand.  But today we are all reminded that this life is but a temporary world.  

Today we lost one of Garie Boardriders founding and most respected members.  

Lex has been fighting cancer for months.  Garie’s old boys have been a rock of support for Lex and our hats off to all you guys who supported Lex in his last days and to all the guys that made a contribution to the Go-Fund-Me to assist with some costs for Lex’s family.  Hats off to all you guys.

To Lex’s lovely wife and family our hearts go out to you all.  We cannot imagine how much you will miss Lex, and we will miss him greatly.

A legend has passed, too soon.  When we know the family’s wishes we will post again.

1st Competition - 8-9 February 2020

2020 Membership - no more paper forms

Get your online membership forms by 1 February 2020 and follow the EFT instructions to pay yours fees.

Special Thanks to Hans Bendl & Shaggy

While most of use are returning from holidays, Hans has been down at the Club Storeroom cleaning up all the gear and restocking and stacking all our gear and Shaggy and Hans have already got the BBQ and drinks sorted for the 1st competition.

Our valued life members just keep giving.

Competition Entry

  1. Online membership forms must be in by 1 February 2020
  2. Fees must be paid by 1 February 2020
  3. You must enter you name on the draw sheet by 6:30am each competition
  4. 1st Heat in the Water at 7am each competition

2020 Calendar

Competition 1 - 8-9 February 2020
Competition 2 - 29 Feb - 1 March 2020
Competition 3 - 21-22 March 2020
Competition 4 - 11-12 April 2020
Anzac Day - Two Up - Engadine Tavern 25 April 2020
Competition 5 - 2-3 May 2020
Competition 6 - 23-24 May 2020
Competition 7 - 20-21 June 2020¬
Competition 8 - 1-2 August 2020
Competition 9 - 5-6 September 2020
Competition 10 - 3-4 October 2020
Bendalong Weekend - 16-18 October 2020
Presentation Night - 7 November 2020.

2020 Fee 

All fees must be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (NO CASH) to:

To: : Garie Boardriders Inc.
BSB : 06 2164
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Fee for 2020 if paid by 15 January 2019

Juniors             $20 per person
Families with Juniors $100 per family (not extended families)
Opens & Other Divisions $70 per person

Membership Applications Open

Happy New Year,

In an effort to improve the way we accept membership applications and fees there are two big changes this year:

1. Online Application Form
2. Payment of Fees by Electronic Funds Transfer (no cash accepted)

Application Form

The Online Application Form  is very quick and simple to use, just click the Online Application Form link enter your details and click Submit.  Please do not submit old paper based form.

Please only use the the Online Application Form.  You can lodge the Online Application Form using your smart phone, tablet or computer.  It is very easy.......

Electronic Funds Transfer

Once you have submitted your form a webpage will pop up acknowledging receipt.

Thank you, your membership application has been received.

Your membership will be confirmed when your membership fee has been paid to Garie Boardriders bank account by EFT.

We do not accept cash for fees from 2020 so if you have not setup EFT banking it is time to do it.

Account Details

Garie Boardriders Inc
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB 06 2164
Account 10239690


To make sure we can tell who has paid fees, the payment description must be “Surname Initial” i.e. “Smith A” or “Smith Family”


$20 Juniors, $70 Open & Masters, Families with Juniors $100.

When we update our membership database with these details you will receive a further email confirming your membership details and division.

If you have any questions email garie.registrar@gmail.com.


Brett Daintry
Garie Boardriders Inc.

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Lex Barnett - Life Member - Go Fund Me

 Hi Members, Past Members and friends,

Lex was among the best early surfers at Garie and right at home on the left off the North Point, as most of the early goofy footers will tell you this wave was more consistent in the late 70s'.  As Juniors some of us old guys could only wish to get as many as deep as Lex.

Lex in the room - Uluwatu

As some may be aware Lex is battling cancer and after a recent visit to Lex, Saus & Westy, also Life and founding members of Garie, have create a Go Fund Me campaign for Lex to assist with transport.

Please make a contribution to the Go Fund Me campaign if you can and if you have any further questions contact Saus on 0409644175 or by email savaget17@gmail.com

Lex and an early weapon

On this note the Committee wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas and all the best for 2020.