Heat Draw - Sunday 5 July 2020

The draw is now closed in the open & junior divisions we will accept beach entries in the Masters and groms with a maximum heat size of six where positions remain open.  First in best dressed.  Ring Danga on 0408463714 ASAP.

Heat times are approximate.  Committee are meeting at the Club Shed at 6am to setup comp area.


Note: Duke is scheduled for Heat 10 about 10am half way through Round 2.

Heat 1 - Masters 6:40
Craig VernonRed
Don McCawWhite
Brett DaintryYellow
Anthony FarquharBlue
Heat 2 - Masters 7:00
Greg McKeeRed
Ian SpencerWhite
Grant MonahanYellow
Kel Batcheldor Blue
Heat 3 - Open 7:20
Greg McKeeRed
Ian SpencerWhite
Loudon StewartYellow
Noah StewartBlue
Don McCawPink
Cruz McKeeGreen
Heat 4 - Open 7:40
Brett DaintryRed
Grant MonahanWhite
Kane MoodYellow
Kye SpencerBlue
Jared KiddPink
John SolomanGreen
Heat 5 - Open 8:00
Craig VernonRed
Kel Batcheldor White
Russell Wallace Yellow
Steve Johnston Blue
Beau WallacePink
Noah StewartGreen
Heat 6 - Junior Semi  8:20
Jared KiddRed
Jayden LeplawWhite
Kye SpencerYellow
Fletch JohnstonBlue
Beau WallacePink
Noah StewartGreen
Heat 7 - Junior Semi 8:40
Taisa JohnstonRed
Ryder StewartWhite
Koby WallaceYellow
Taj KiddBlue
Zane KiddPink
Cruz McKeeGreen
Heat 8  - Grom Final 9:00
Taisa JohnstonRed
Halle KiddWhite
Evie JohnstonYellow
Summer StewartBlue

July 2020 - Point Score this Sunday

The forecast is off-shore and 1.5-1.8m and with a cracking bank up the north end the competition is definitely on so you need to enter online by 5pm Friday 3 July 2020 if you wish to surf in the competition.

The committee will be at Garie at 6am and have the tent setup by 6:30am for a 6:45am start.

We will have water and Coke, but bring your own food.  No BBQ yet guys.

The draw will be posted on this website on Friday night and Fishy will update facebook with a link to the draw as well.

The Committee have adopted a COVID-19 Safety Plan, that applies the NSW Department of Health and Workcover guidelines.  You need to read the plan and understand it....  Not complicated...

We already have 16 entries.


CLICK THIS LINK Competition Draw On-Line.

The only other requirement is you must be a current financial member.

Competitions Resume - 4th-5th July 2020

Hi All,

We are back ---- but socially distanced.

Now that the further COVID-19 restrictions are set to ease from 1 July, and we are a non-contact sport, making social distancing a lot easier, we have approval from NPWS to recommence competitions.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard urged the community to be mindful of their own health as well as the health and well-being of their families and fellow citizens.

We still need to be vigilant because we have to assume the virus hasn’t gone, and there is no vaccine or treatment on the immediate horizon,” Mr Hazzard said.

So I encourage people to go about their daily lives, enjoy playing sport or a night out visiting friends but do it in a COVID safe way – maintain physical distancing, good hygiene and if you feel unwell stay home and get tested.”

The Cronulla Clubs kicked off last weekend and we are all systems go for a July 2020 start.  There is a nice little right and left at the north-end so be ready for a walk.

The Committee have adopted a COVID-19 Safety Plan, that applies the NSW Department of Health and Workcover guidelines.  You need to read the plan and understand it....  Not complicated...




CLICK THIS LINK Competition Draw On-Line.

The only other requirement is you must be a current financial member.

Prior to each event we will publish a link to the Competition Entry Form.  It is a quick online form as we are required to keep accurate tracing records of all those who enter the event.

By entering you are agreeing to abide by the COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Precautions include:

Social Distancing of 1.5m to be observed on the beach and in the shelters.

Bring your own:

  • water and food (no BBQ for the first couple of competitions Post COVID-19) but we will have the Surf Safety Centre Hall open so you can make a coffee or tea.
  • shelter if it looks like rain make sure you have some shelter.
  • sun cream
  • wax

We will not be providing any shared food, drinks, wax, sun cream.

The Draw will be published on the Friday before each competition.

Heats will be staggered by Divisions as follows:

  1. Masters & Dukes - 6:30am Report time (and setup)
  2. Juniors -  7:30am Report time
  3. Grommets - 8:30am Report time
  4. Opens - 9:00am Report time (and pickup)

All judging will be done by 1 committee member for each heat.

Place you rash vest back go the disinfectant bucket after each heat rinse and hang it up on the rack for the next heat.

NPWS open Garie


"The Royal NP coastal precincts of Wattamolla Beach, Garie Beach and Bonnie Vale day use area will be re-opening to the public from the morning of Friday 15 May in line with updated NSW Public Health guidelines relating to COVID 19.

From Friday morning, NPWS security will re commence open and closure of the Garie gate consistent with normal park opening and closing times.

Can you please inform your club members accordingly including that Public use of all precincts still need to ensure adherence to the public health requirements in place at that time.

As discussed, it would be good if you could place this Covid safety reminder on your club website.

Adrian Johnstone
Team Leader Ranger, Royal
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
159 Farnell Avenue
Royal National Park
T 02 9542 0618"

Light up the dawn & Access to Garie


We are going to miss running Two-Up this year at Engadine Tavern, but as soon as the Pub's open again we are going to hold a Garie Old Boys Reunion Drink at Engadine Tavern.

Well those that survived WW1 also survived the Spanish Flu which lasted 2 years from 1918 to 1920 and is estimated to have killed anywhere from 17 million to 50 million people.  We are doing a lot better than anyone thought, but cabin fever as well and truely be a problem.

The ABC will be broadcasting a 5.30am service from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra ANZAC Day.

So at 6am on 25 April go to the end of your driveway or stand on your balcony and listen to a brief commemorative service. Together – even while apart – we’ll remember those who served and sacrificed. You can sign the pledge to light up the dawn at rslanzacspirit.com.au

There will also be a 10am service from the Anzac Memorial in Sydney that will be broadcast on ABC and streamed live.

Reach out to a mate who might be alone. Many people are alone during this time of isolation. It’s an opportunity to invoke the ANZAC value of mateship and check to see how a mate is doing.

Access to Garie

As has been the case, up and down the coast, surfers have flocked to other beaches that are open and Stanwell Park coped a heavy load as did Cronulla outside of the Easter Weekend from travelling surfers.  Closing Sydney beaches to surfers just forced the surfers elsewhere.  This was counter productive and the Northern Beaches saw a massive influx of Eastern Sydney surfers, as did Kurnell.

Any way, as the worst of the infection numbers now appears to be declining Councils have opened all their beaches to surfers (but for Bondi & Tamarama) and it now seems logical that the NPWS open Garie for surfing.

We have written to Lee Evans MP asking when Garie will be open again for surfing as Sutherland, Randwick and Woollongong Councils beaches are open to surfers.

We will post on this website, any news as soon as we hear from LeeEvans or NPWS.

There will be no events at Garie until the Minister for Health lifts the social distancing rules but we are ready to resume point scores as soon as possible.

Sunday's Competition Cancelled

Whilst the Government have not changed the orders under the Public Health Act, at present, they have made a general call to everyone to stay at home if possible.

Whilst we believe that the risks are low in holding the competition, given the exponential transmissions in the last couple of days, the committee have decided to cancel the competition applying the precautionary principle.

We also believe that it would be wrong to encourage people out of their homes where they might otherwise prefer to stay at home.

We are also thinking of many of our members and their families who are being hit hard by these events.  Some have been stood down and there is, what is looking like, a potentially severe economic downturn happening that we have not seen in generations.

Unlike many businesses, we can shut down and simply start again when the all clear is given.  If, by shutting down, we help limit the damage now being foisted upon many in our community and beyond, we believe that is the right thing to do.

To our sponsors, we will support you as best we all can during and after these events.

Keep well, self isolate if you can, even with no symptoms, and we will see you after this nasty bug has been and gone.

Brett Daintry (Life Member)
Garie Boardriders Inc.


Competition this Sunday - 6:30am

Unless the Government make different orders the competition will be on this Sunday.  It may well be the case that we cannot hold another in the following few months so we hope to get this one done.  But there are additional precautions you must agree to and by entering you do agree to.  And at this date the government say "Stay home if you are sick".

On 18 March 2020, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard made an Order under Section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010 to force the immediate cancellation of major events with more than 500 people under the Public Health (COVID-19 Mass Gatherings) Order 2020.

In this Order—

indoor space means an area, room or other premises that is or are substantially enclosed by a roof and walls, regardless of whether the roof or walls or any part of the roof or walls are—
(a) permanent or temporary, or
(b) open or closed.

Note. The Public Health Act 2010 defines premises to include any land, temporary structure, vehicle or vessel.

mass gathering
(a) means a gathering—
(i) of 500 or more persons in a single undivided outdoor space at the same time, or
(ii) 100 or more persons in a single undivided indoor space at the same time, but
(b) does not include—
(i) a gathering referred to in Schedule 1, or
(ii) a gathering exempted, in writing, by the Minister and subject to any conditions the Minister considers necessary.

outdoor space means a space that is not an indoor space. relevant period means the period—
(a) starting at 5pm on 18 March 2020, and
(b) ending at midnight on 16 June 2020.

the Act means the Public Health Act 2010.

Therefore, as our club's events are well below the indoor criteria and we are outdoor.

Subject subject to everyone implementing good social distancing and agreeing to the following precautions we are going to proceed to hold the surfing competition:

  1. Any member who is ill, has any sign of illness must not attend.
  2. There will be no BBQ.
  3. We will provide single use water bottles.
  4. We will provide a competition vest bucket containing disinfectant into which vest will be placed after each heat by the competitor rinsed and then hung on the cloths horse to dry.
  5. Judges will be separated by 1.5m no contact.
  6. The master judge will copy results from each judges sheet as score are entered will not touch the judging clip boards.
  7. Judges and the Master Judge will wash their hands before and after judging with soap and salt water, take a little busked or ice cream container and your own soap (salt water provided free of charge)
  8. The tally board will only be written up by Danga or Fishy to be determined Sunday Morning.
  9. No formal presentation at the end prizes will be provided at later events or at the presentation night to be determined.
  10. No complaints, dropping in or other physical contact.
  11. No shanking hands.

If you have any concerns please don't enter the competition and as you agreed when joining entry in any of our events is at your own risk.

Clean Up Australia Day Competition

A short update and also thanks to Lee Evans MP, Garie's Local State Member for his efforts for Garie Boardriders Inc.  What is clear is that the Shire's MPs support our local clubs we appreciate it.

Great to see Lee down at Garie again in 2020 for Clean-Up Australia Day and thank you again to our Garie Mums and Kids for their efforts to clean-up Garie on Clean-Up Australia Day.  

Nice new comp vests too, thanks Surf Trading Company.  And great news for 2020 Engadine Tavern back onboard, don't let Corona scare you off a beer... or a feed...


Hi there club Presidents.

You will no doubt be aware that the Christian Boardriders had their club trailer stolen over Christmas with all their club gear inside.

On behalf of the club, Surfing Sutherland Shire reached out to Mark Speakman,  our local State Member of Parliament, for assistance. I am pleased to announce that Mr Speakman once again came up trumps for local surfing by arranging a $5000 sports grant from the Department of Sport. I know this will go a long way toward replacing the stolen equipment and have thanked Mr Speakman on behalf of all local surfers.

It is very pleasing to see that in an hour of need, our local member is there for us. This is good news and it would be good if you passed it on to your membership.

Good waves to all.

Andy Britton

President - Surfing Sutherland Shire