Annual General Meeting & 2021 Membership on Surfing Australia Portal

Hi all,

As 2020 draws to an end - it has been one hell of a year.  We wish everyone a great X-mas and happy new year.  We are all hoping that the world returns to near normal in 2021.  One last thing this year is our AGM.  Please attend if you can.

Annual General Meeting

This Thursday 7:30pm - Engadine Tavern

2021 Membership Applications

Everyone must join online through Surfing Australia - 

Payments are also now all through the Surfing Australia Portal



Follow these instructions:

If you are not current registered with Surfing Australia:

  1. Go to: https://surfingaustralia.com/clubs/ 
  2. Click "Sign Up"
  3. Enter you details
  4. Enter you Communication Preferences (TICK I would like to civet information and offers from my Club"
  5. Download and Read the Privacy Declaration - Accept and Continue
  6. Click "Buy Club Membership"
  7. In Club Finder search by "Garie"
  8. In Map view Click the Red Place Marker or in List View Click "TICK"
  9. Select the type of membership (The option are based upon your age) most will be Juniors or Adult but there is a family option
  10. Click "Finish"
  11. Click "Yes Proceed to Cart"
  12. Follow the Credit Card Payment Instructions
If you are already registered with Surfing Australia:

  1. Go to: https://surfingaustralia.com/clubs/ 
  2. Click "Log In"
  3. Enter Username (normally your email address)
  4. Enter Password
Once you have signed up and complete the "Log In" you follow this process:

On the Profile Tab
  • Update Your Profile
  • Update Your Emergency Contact
  • Update Your "Opt In" - VERY IMPORTANT TO TICK "I would like to receive information and offers from my Club"
On the Member Details Tab
  • Enter T-shirt 
  • Enter Shoe Size
On the Membership Tab
  • Choose your category of membership
  • Click "Finish"
  • Click "Finish"
  • Click "Yes Proceed to Cart"
  • Follow the Credit Card Payment Instructions.


If you wish to review the final point score you can download it here: 2020 Pointscore.  We only held four competitions the least ever in any season since 1978.

2020 Point Score - Run and Won

In the fully Covid-19 affected 2020 season we only held 4 events.  With none to drop those who got to all four events were certainly in the running.  Congrats to the winners and runners up it was a close result in most divisions.

Special thanks to all out 2020 sponsors.

Next Event: Annual General Meeting - THURSDAY 10 DECEMBER 2020


1st Grommets - Girls 2020 - Evie Johnston

2nd Grommets - Girls 2020 - Halle Kidd

3rd Grommets - Girls 2020- Summer Stewart

1st - Grommets - Boys 2020 - Kalani Cox


1st Juniors 2020 - Beau Wallace

2nd Juniors 2020 - Taj Kidd

3rd Juniors 2020 - Zane Kidd

1st  Juniors Girls - Taisha Johnston


1st Open 2020 - Ian Spencer

2nd Open 2020 - Kane Mood

3rd Open 2020 - Steven Drysdale


1st Masters 2020 - Ian Spencer

2nd Masters 2020 - Steven Drysdale

3rd Masters 2020 - Don McCaw


1st Dukes 2020 - Jeff Ryan

2nd Dukes 2020 - Craig Vernon

3rd Dukes 2020 - Hans Bendl

Most Improved

2020 - Most Improved - Summer Stewart

Most Promising

2020 - Most Promising - Evie Johnston

Wipeout of the Year

2020 - Wipeout of the Year - Kye Spencer


2020 - Greg "Magoo" McKee

Spit the Dummy

2020 - Ian "Fishkiller" Spencer

Club Member of the Year

2020 - Club Member of the Year - Kane Mood

The full point score can be downloaded here: 2020 Pointscore

2021 Event Calendar Published

 The 2021 event calendar is out and since there is near NIL prospect that any of us will be travelling OS in 2021 we hope that more of the old crew again return and those of you with Grommets get your kids involved parent assistance is allowed in the Grommets.  We are actually thinking of getting some form of assistance going for Shaggy and Hans as well......

2021 Calendar

Our first sponsors signed up for 2021 are:



Don't forget the Two-head competition is on 14th November all past and present members welcome.  The 2020 presentation will follow with a BBQ.  Beyond the formal awards the much sort after Spit-the-Dummy, NASA and Wipeout of the Year are also up for grabs. 

TWO-HEADS 2020 - Contest Online Entry Form


Two-Head Competition and 2020 Presentation 14th-15th November 2020

To enter the TWO HEADS event complete this form: TWO-HEADS 2020 - Contest Entry Form

Current and Past members welcome to enter this social event.

This year we are holding the two-heads competition in the morning and the presentation at Garie after the competition.  We have scheduled the Two Heads for the Weekend of 14th and 15th and will push hard to hold it on the Saturday.

COVID-19 precautions still apply so if anyone has symptoms please don't attend and get tested.  Social Distancing Applies as per the NSW Health Guidelines as in place as at that date.

All current and past members are welcome to join us for this social competition.


Some members have advised that the front panel print has washed out and we have run out of some sizes.  We are going to reorder T-Shirts so if your T-Shirt has washed out bring down to the two-heads competition and those who wish a T-Shirt in a size we don't have put in your back-order by emailing Danga at garie.registrar@gmail.com.

Holiday Haven Bendalong 2020

 Hi all,

We had a great October Pointscore today.  Heaps of really good surfing in perfect offshore around 2-3 feet for the whole competition.  Fishy will post the results on Garie's Facebook page.

Garie Boardriders Bendalong 2020 - Friday 16th to Sunday 18th

Holiday Haven Bendalong
1 Waratah Street, Bendalong NSW 2539
p: (02) 4444 8860 
e: bendalong@holidayhaven.com.au
w: www.holidayhaven.com.au/bendalong

We have a group booking for the camping area in the NE corner of the park for those that have not already booked cabins or powered sites.  The singles rate is $15/person per night.

The group rate is:
  • $30.00 per night for 2 Adults
  • Any persons over 6yrs is an extra $10.00 per person per night
  • Maximum of 4 Adults per site or 2 Adults 4 children
  • 1 car per site
Please pay your site fees by B-Pay if you can.  If you cannot please advise the front desk you are with the Garie Boardriders group when you arrive.

NOTE: You are responsible for your camping fees and must pay before entry.

The Park have at this point allowed for 30 in the group and created a this B-Pay Account for the group:


You must email Garie Boardriders <garie.registrar@gmail.com> if you are attending and provide a list of the names in your family group attending so we can arrange Friday & Saturday Dinners and Saturday and Sunday Breakfast.  

We are required to hold the attendance list for our events for 30 days under the COVID-19 Safety Plan.

We will not be doing any special catering so if you have diet requirements outside our normal BBQ menu please bring your own food.  

Food will be covered by the club for current financial members only.  Past members are welcome but $30 is required to cover for your food.

You will need to provided your own lunch each day and the local shop is really limited so be prepared.

You will need:

  • Swag, Tent or Van
  • Camp Chair
  • Any drinks (we will have some water but the tap is close to the site)
  • Food for lunches and snacks
  • Normal surfing gear and camping gear

We must continue to follow COVID-19 rules and the NSW Health sporting club event rules are:

"From Saturday 26 September, interregional community sporting competitions can recommence without restricting these activities to regions or zones, where there is a COVID-19 Safety Plan for the school or community sporting activity in place.

The advice provided in August regarding limiting spectators to one parent per child, and inter-region sport and recreation activities has been removed, however organisations must still ensure their activity is delivered in compliance with the Public Health Order and the COVID-19 Safety Plan requirements.

This includes the requirement to adhere to the 500-person limit for community sport activities (including participants, officials and spectators) and/or adhering to the one person per four square metre rule in indoor spaces.

Organisations and spectators are to ensure that physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres is maintained between people that do not come from the same household. 

School and community sports organisations and participants should continue to avoid shared travel arrangements such as car-pooling, along with minimising social gatherings before and after the event.

State Sporting Organisations, State Sporting Organisations for People with Disability and other sector organisations need to read the information and determine how the recommendations and advice impact on their activities.

To allow an increased number of family and friends to attend community sport finals, organisations may wish to consider reducing the number of matches taking place simultaneously at a facility. 

Some community sport organisations may choose to still limit spectator numbers at matches, subject to the protocols within their COVID-19 Safety Plans and based on factors such as the size of their venue, match scheduling or hiring requirements placed on them by venue operators. We ask that you have patience and understanding as clubs and associations interpret and implement this advice in the most practical manner for their activities.

We appreciate your support in reducing the risk of community transmission at this critical time."

October Pointscore and Bendalong Weekend

Hi all, 

Next Competition 10-11 October 2020 and Club T-Shirts 

Well what a year. We will not achieve our desired competition quota of 8 this seasons so every competition result will counted - there are not enough to drop.

Those who have been in every competition are is the running and the rest of us will just have to be influences in the last competition for 2020, scores are tight so come down and put pressure on the usual suspects on the weekend of 10-11 October 2020.  Sledging permitted within reason.

We are returning to beach entries the morning of each event given that COVID-19 public transmission is back to near NIL.  But while at the event please note social distancing applies, place your vests in the disinfectant bucket and then hang it up.

We will return to the 3 judge system so you will need to judge 2 heats before your heat each round.

2020 Club T-Shirts (Current Members Only)

Other Club Gear for Sale

We have limited numbers of 2019 T-Shirts and Jackets for sale.  T-Shirts will be $20 and the Jackets will be $55 for Juniors and $80 for Adults.

We have cakes of wax for sale at $4 a block.

Bendalong Weekend - 16-18 October 2020 

Even if you have missed most competitions this year, don't miss this weekend. When you arrive we will be setup in the northern end of the camping area close to the cliff. Some of use are going down Thursday 15th. 

We you drive advise the reception you are with the Garie Boardriders Group Booking to receive a discounted camping rate.

We need estimates of numbers so please email garie.registrar@gmail.com if you are coming so we can order food. 

 We will be doing simple BBQ Breakfasts Saturady and Sunday and simple BBQ Dinner on Friday and Saturday. If you want to bring your own T-Bone or other special dietary selection please do and bring something for lunch as the shop at Bendalong has been really ordinary of late on the foot front.

Presentation Night - Saturday 7 November 2020

The presentation night is set for Saturday 7 November 2020.  We are yet to confirm the details but it will be either at Engadine Tavern or a BBQ at Garie on the same date depending upon COVID-19 rule in force at that date.  If COVID-19 shuts us down we will do the presentation via a live Zoom event and provide a login URL so everyone can join us online.

This will be the end of one weird year with access to Info, the Maldives and Pacific still shut down at the beginning of 2021 we look forward to more surfing at home.

Annual General Meeting - Wednesday 18 November 2020

The Committee will confirm the AGM but we have pencilled in Wednesday 18 November 2020 at Engadine Tavern or again possibly a ZOOM meeting as we have had great success this year holding the Committee Meetings on ZOOM and attendance at meetings has been high because it is easier to grab a drink or even your dinner and join the meeting online.

Next Committee Meeting

7pm on the 8th of October 2020 -  

This is on ZOOM.  If you wish to attend the meeting and see how the committee process runs you are welcome, join the meeting, mute you microphone on entering the meeting and turn your video on so we can see you.

At these meetings only the current committee and Public Officer vote decisions, and this is generally by consensus rather than any formal vote.

This is strictly a 30 minute meeting to make final 2020 decisions and arrange the up coming events.

Topic: Garie Committee Meeting
Time: Oct 8, 2020 07:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 530 959 4174
Passcode: Garie

No Increase in 2021 FEES 

The club is in a good financial state.  The Committee will confirm no increase in fees at its next meeting.

What sporting clubs have fees as low as ours.......  Not many, big thanks to our sponsors who allow us to keep our fees low and Lee Evans MP our local member for the small equipment grants that have allowed us to function on our shoestring budget.

All fees must be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (NO CASH) to:

To:  : Garie Boardriders Inc.
BSB : 06 2164
Account : 1023 9690
Description: SURNAME First Name or Initial or “FAMILY”

Fee for 2020 if paid by 15 January 2019

Juniors               $20 per person
Families with Juniors   $100 per family (not extended families)
Opens & Other Divisions  $70 per person

DRAFT 2021 Calendar as at 24 September 2020 

(subject to change see website and Facebook pages)

Competition 1 – 6-7 February 2021
Competition 2 – 6-7 March 2021
Competition 3 – 20-21 March 2021
Competition 4 – 10-11 April 2021
Competition 5 – 1-2 May 2020
Anzac Day - Two Up - Engadine Tavern 25 April 2020
Competition 6 – 5-6 June 2021
Competition 7 – 7-8 August 2021
Competition 8 – 4-5 September 2021
Competition 9 – 2-3 October 2021
Bendalong Weekend - 15-17 October 2020
Competition 10 – 6-7 November 2021
Two-Head Competition and Presentation Night - 20 November 2020.

If you have any suggested date change because of conflict that affect a number of members please email garie.registrar@gmail.com with suggested changes.  The committee will discuss any feedback at the next committee meeting.

Email:  garie.registrar@gmail.com 
Website: www.garieboardriders.com

Garie Pointscore - 5th-6th Sepetember 2020 - Entries Open

 Hi all members,

The draw is open and the online entry form is ready to complete: 


It is a bit far off to get an accurate forcast - Keep your eye on Garie's Facebook Page for the call on what day it will be on.

Keep well and COVID-19 free.....

August 2020 Competition Draw

Heat 1 - Masters
Matt Swanson Red
Grant MonahanWhite
Steven DrysdaleYellow
Ian SpencerBlue
Brett DaintryPink
Don McCawGreen
Heat 2 - Juniors
Kye SpencerRed
Beau WallaceWhite
Jett Swanson Yellow
Zane Kidd Blue
Ryder StewartPink
Heat 3 - Juniors
Taj KiddRed
Fletcher Johnston White
Mitchell O’Loughlin Yellow
Jared KiddBlue
Jayden LeplawPink
Heat 4 - Juniors
Harry BalaskasRed
Koby WallaceWhite
Noah StewartYellow
Jayden LeplawBlue
Taisha Johnston Pink
Heat 5 - Grommets
Summer StewartRed
Halle KiddWhite
Evie JohnstonYellow
Heat 6 - Open
Brett Daintry Red
Steve JohnstonWhite
Kane MoodYellow
Jett SwansonBlue
Jared kiddPink
Heat 7 - Open
Don McCawRed
Beau WallaceWhite
Ian SpencerYellow
Kye SpencerBlue
Noah StewartPink
Heat 8 Open
Russell WallaceRed
Matt SwansonWhite
Steven DrysdaleYellow
Mitchell O’Loughlin Blue
Grant MonahanPink
Heat 9 Dukes
Jeff RyanRed
Hans BendlWhite