Competition 6 - CANCELLED

Due to our most disliked Virus is 100 years we are again prevented from holding Point scores.

The committee is going to meet on Zoom this week and plan the rest of the 2021 season.

Automatic Email updates are now switched off on our website.

Current and past members who have signed up on Surfing Australia's portal will receive email updates.

Competition – 6  TBC – COVID AFFECTED

Competition 7 – 7-8 August 2021

Competition 8 – 4-5 September 2021

Spring School Holidays – Monday 20 September to Friday 1 October

Labour Day – 4 October 2021

Competition 9 – 9-10 October 2021

Bendalong Weekend - 15-17 October 2021 (This surf permitting will now include a Double Pointscore Event) to make up for lost events because of COVID.  More news on this to follow but we may even go down on the 14th and setup.

Competition 10 – 6-7 November 2021

Two-Head Competition and Presentation Night - 20 November 2021.

Annual General Meeting - 25 November 2021

Join online for 2021https://surfingaustralia.com/clubs/  - search for “Garie” and click “Join Club” & pay online.


Electronic Funds Transfer details:

To:                               : Garie Boardriders Inc.

BSB                              : 06 2164

Account :                 1023 9690

Description               : SURNAME First Name or Initial or “FAMILY”



Juniors  (under 18 at 1 January 2021)                    $20 / person

Adults                                                                              $70 / person

Families with Juniors (Parents and Children)       $100 / family 


Email:                         garie.registrar@gmail.com

Website:                    www.garieboardriders.com

Facebook:               www.facebook.com/garie.boardriders

Instragram:              https://www.instagram.com/garie_boardriders/


 Hi Past and Present members,

This is a short but very important update as the functionality of our website is changing and the automatic email updates from this site to those who have subscribed are being killed off by Google.

Therefore, we look like we will have to create a new website sooner rather than later.  The effect is that whereas you get an email every time we update the website, you will not get an email in the near future.

The best way around this, in the short term, is to make sure that you register your membership (or even Past membership) with Garie Boardriders by joining Garie Boardriders on the Surfing Australia portal - https://surfingaustralia.com/memberships/

If you register but don't pay the fees you will still be linked to Garie Boardriders as a past member and stay connected to the Club.

Once you click the link Sign up by searching for Garie Boardriders, even if you are a past member, can keep up to date so you don't miss social events like the Old Boys Reunion (every Anzac Day).

Please register through Surfing Australia and you will get our newsletters via email through the Surfing Australia portal.

We have our sights on our 50th Anniversary a few years off but...  We wish to make sure that all Past members stay in contact with us.  So, register with Surfing Australia and nominate Garie as your primary club to keep in contact with us.

Other ways to keep in contact include the following but nothing is as good as registering through Surfing Australia:

• https://www.garieboardriders.com  

• https://surfingaustralia.com/clubs - search for “Garie"

• https://www.facebook.com/garie.boardriders  

• https://www.instagram.com/garie_boardriders/ 

• https://groups.google.com/u/1/g/garie-boardriders

Next Competition: 6:30am signon 24 April 2021

Two-Up & Old Boys - Noon @ Engadine Tavern 25 April 2021


Brett Daintry
Garie Boardriders Inc.

mobile: 0408463714

Changes to National Parks Annual Passes


Mr. Brett Daintry
Garie Boardriders Inc.

Dear Mr Daintry


Changes to National Parks Annual Passes



As one of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) key stakeholders, I am writing to advise of changes coming to our entry pass products.


From 20 April 2021 NPWS annual and someday passes will transition to digital passes which will make it easier for park visitors to pay entry fees, manage and renew passes online, and apply for concessions.

When visitors purchase or renew their annual pass they will be immediately issued with a digital pass that is linked to their vehicle. This means no more waiting for a sticker in the mail to display on their windscreen.


Digital day passes are also being introduced at 11 of our most popular parks in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, including Royal, Ku-ring-gai Chase, Kamay Botany Bay, and Sydney Harbour National Parks. Entry fee payment machines in these parks will be linked to a vehicle number plate, meaning a ticket no longer needs to be displayed.


The changes to park passes will happen in phases over the next 24 months as current passes expire. All passes, including existing annual passes, remain valid until their expiry date and are still required to be displayed correctly on the vehicle.


Eligible pensioners and concession cardholders will continue to be able to apply for entry fee concessions and will now be able to do this online without having to leave home or wait for the mail. Under the new system passes will be linked to a vehicle registered in their name or one at their home address.

More information about improvements to the entry fee program can be found at nswparkspass.info.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at the office on 02 9542 0632


Yours sincerely,


Brendon Neilly



Brendon Neilly

Area Manager, Royal Area
Park Operations
NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service

159 Farnell Avenue,

Royal National Park


Old Boys Reunion & Two-UP - Engadine Tavern - Anzac Day

25 April
Anzac Day 2021 in New South Wales

Many members could not make it last year to say goodbye to our old mate Lex.

At Lex's wake more than a few old members said we should have an annual Old Boys reunion as none of us are getting any younger.  That is true.

As Engadine Tavern is our major Sponsor again and for the 27th year and Garie Boardriders will also be hosting Two-Up at Engadine Tavern again this Anzac Day, we are rolling it all together in what we hope will be a yearly Old Boys Reunion and we intend to do it every year.

Starting at Noon on Anzac Day at Engadine Tavern

Garie Boardriders Old Boys Reunion and Two-Up is on.

Nothing too fancy, a few beers, some good food with a new Chef at the pub cooking up a storm, and Two-Up.


The SPIINER must place a cash bet on HEADS.  

Another person must cover the cash bet on TAILS.  

When the centre bet is set side bets can occur.   TAILS holds each side bet.

Three (3)  pennies are placed TAILS facing up on the KIP by the RINGKEEPER.

The SPINNER flips the KIP above their head and the Penies must spin above the spinner. All three pennies must land within the ring.


The RINGKEEPER will make the final decsion by:

1. Calling NO SPIN and gesturing crossed arms, OR

2. Calling HEADS and gesturing to his head, OR

3. Calling TAILS and gesturing to his tail.

The following reasons will constitute a ‘NO SPIN’:

1. The pennies land outside of the ring,

2. The pennies hit a person or object, or

3. The pennies don’t spin above the Spinner’s head.

If the SPINNER (HEAD BET) wins then they keep their original bet as well as the money from the person who betted on tails. If the other player (TAIL BET) wins then they take back their money and the spinner’s bet.  

Side bets apply the same rule.  The RING KEEPER hold the centre bet cash. Head bets hold the cash.

What each landing combination means:

  • NO SPIN - No winner - Spinner Spins again
  • Two or Three HEADS UP mean the spinner (and head betters) wins that particular round
  • Two or Three TALES UP  mean the spinner (and head betters) loses their bet and must give up the right to spin

Two-Up Rules

  1. The RINGKEEPER will make the final decision on the outcome of each spin.
  2. The RINGKEEPER will select a spinner by offering the kip to every person in a clockwise direction.
  3. There is a set of 6 pennies held by the RINGKEEPER.
  4. The SPINNER will choose three pennies.
  5. Only three (3) pennies can be used and changing pennies is at the discretion of the RINGKEEPER.
  6. The HEAD side of each peny is polished (for easy visibility).
  7. The TAIL side of each peny  is tarnished (for easy visibility).
  8. The RINGKEEPER places the pennies tails up on the kip.
  9. If the SPINNER throws two tails then the spinner will lose the money in the ring and must forfeit the right to spin.
  10. To count as an invalid spin, the ringkeeper must call “no spin” before the pennies touch the ground.
  11. Only over 18s can play Two-Up.
  12. The SPINNER needs to hand the money to the ringkeeper. 
  13. The RINGKEEPER must hold the money and the equivalent from another better to cover the bet.
  14. Side bets are held by the Heads better


Spinner: The person who throws the coins up in the air. Each person in the group takes turns at being the spinner.

Boxer: Person who manages the game and the betting (but doesn’t participate in betting).

Ringkeeper (Ringy): Person who looks after the coins after each toss (to avoid loss or interference).

Kip: A small piece of wood on which the coins are placed before being tossed. One coin is placed heads up, the other tails up.

Cockatoo: The nickname for the assigned look-out who watched for police.

Garie Boardriders - Clean Up Australia Day 2021

 Thanks to the members that made an effort to help clean the beach and the northern rock shelf of rubbish. 15 bags of rubbish were collected this morning as we continue our tradition of hosting the event at Garie Beach.

Thanks to Shaggy & Russell for setting up the BQQ and feeding us.  Whilst Garie was 8 foot and out of control and Era unrideable as you all scattered on a mission to find good wave today, hope you all did.

The next competition is scheduled for the weekend of the 20th-21st March and it is a lottery with Garie's banks after a big southerly swell so we have our fingers crossed the swell does more good than damage.

Special thanks to the ongoing sponsorship of:

  • Surf Trading Company
  • Carve
  • Jarvin Surfboards
  • Beachwheels Australia
  • Gecko
  • Mercy Huts
  • Oztrail
  • Sic Surf
  • Sticky Bumps

2021 Competition No.2 is on Sunday 7th March.

Start from 6:30am, Breakfast BBQ will be manned. 

Also we will be partaking in the annual Clean Up Australia Day.

See you all there for another great day!

If you haven't already please follow link below for sign up.

Surfing Australia - Join Garie Boardriders

Annual General Meeting & 2021 Membership on Surfing Australia Portal

Hi all,

As 2020 draws to an end - it has been one hell of a year.  We wish everyone a great X-mas and happy new year.  We are all hoping that the world returns to near normal in 2021.  One last thing this year is our AGM.  Please attend if you can.

Annual General Meeting

This Thursday 7:30pm - Engadine Tavern

2021 Membership Applications

Everyone must join online through Surfing Australia - 

Payments are also now all through the Surfing Australia Portal



Follow these instructions:

If you are not current registered with Surfing Australia:

  1. Go to: https://surfingaustralia.com/clubs/ 
  2. Click "Sign Up"
  3. Enter you details
  4. Enter you Communication Preferences (TICK I would like to civet information and offers from my Club"
  5. Download and Read the Privacy Declaration - Accept and Continue
  6. Click "Buy Club Membership"
  7. In Club Finder search by "Garie"
  8. In Map view Click the Red Place Marker or in List View Click "TICK"
  9. Select the type of membership (The option are based upon your age) most will be Juniors or Adult but there is a family option
  10. Click "Finish"
  11. Click "Yes Proceed to Cart"
  12. Follow the Credit Card Payment Instructions
If you are already registered with Surfing Australia:

  1. Go to: https://surfingaustralia.com/clubs/ 
  2. Click "Log In"
  3. Enter Username (normally your email address)
  4. Enter Password
Once you have signed up and complete the "Log In" you follow this process:

On the Profile Tab
  • Update Your Profile
  • Update Your Emergency Contact
  • Update Your "Opt In" - VERY IMPORTANT TO TICK "I would like to receive information and offers from my Club"
On the Member Details Tab
  • Enter T-shirt 
  • Enter Shoe Size
On the Membership Tab
  • Choose your category of membership
  • Click "Finish"
  • Click "Finish"
  • Click "Yes Proceed to Cart"
  • Follow the Credit Card Payment Instructions.


If you wish to review the final point score you can download it here: 2020 Pointscore.  We only held four competitions the least ever in any season since 1978.

2020 Point Score - Run and Won

In the fully Covid-19 affected 2020 season we only held 4 events.  With none to drop those who got to all four events were certainly in the running.  Congrats to the winners and runners up it was a close result in most divisions.

Special thanks to all out 2020 sponsors.

Next Event: Annual General Meeting - THURSDAY 10 DECEMBER 2020


1st Grommets - Girls 2020 - Evie Johnston

2nd Grommets - Girls 2020 - Halle Kidd

3rd Grommets - Girls 2020- Summer Stewart

1st - Grommets - Boys 2020 - Kalani Cox


1st Juniors 2020 - Beau Wallace

2nd Juniors 2020 - Taj Kidd

3rd Juniors 2020 - Zane Kidd

1st  Juniors Girls - Taisha Johnston


1st Open 2020 - Ian Spencer

2nd Open 2020 - Kane Mood

3rd Open 2020 - Steven Drysdale


1st Masters 2020 - Ian Spencer

2nd Masters 2020 - Steven Drysdale

3rd Masters 2020 - Don McCaw


1st Dukes 2020 - Jeff Ryan

2nd Dukes 2020 - Craig Vernon

3rd Dukes 2020 - Hans Bendl

Most Improved

2020 - Most Improved - Summer Stewart

Most Promising

2020 - Most Promising - Evie Johnston

Wipeout of the Year

2020 - Wipeout of the Year - Kye Spencer


2020 - Greg "Magoo" McKee

Spit the Dummy

2020 - Ian "Fishkiller" Spencer

Club Member of the Year

2020 - Club Member of the Year - Kane Mood

The full point score can be downloaded here: 2020 Pointscore

2021 Event Calendar Published

 The 2021 event calendar is out and since there is near NIL prospect that any of us will be travelling OS in 2021 we hope that more of the old crew again return and those of you with Grommets get your kids involved parent assistance is allowed in the Grommets.  We are actually thinking of getting some form of assistance going for Shaggy and Hans as well......

2021 Calendar

Our first sponsors signed up for 2021 are:



Don't forget the Two-head competition is on 14th November all past and present members welcome.  The 2020 presentation will follow with a BBQ.  Beyond the formal awards the much sort after Spit-the-Dummy, NASA and Wipeout of the Year are also up for grabs. 

TWO-HEADS 2020 - Contest Online Entry Form