RIP Ken Broadhurst 1959-2019

Ken Broadhurst

In Loving Memory, the family of Ken invite all Garie Boardriders members and friends to come and celebrate the life of Ken who has sadly gone on to surf some better wave.

Please join us for a casual service and wake with light refreshments at Garie Surf Safety Centre.

Wear your Sharkies colours for Ken!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019 at 2pm
Garie Surf Safety Centre
Garie Beach
Royal National Park

Annual General Meeting

The 2019 AGM will be held, unless otherwise advised, at 7pm Wednesday 30 January 2019 at:

Engadine Tavern
50 Station Street,
Engadine NSW 2233

This page and the following pages will be updated to reflect the AGM Notice if the venue changes.




E The office bearers

E.1 President
E.1.a The duties of the President are:
E.1.a.i to be chairman of general meetings and Executive meetings;
E.1.a.ii to be cosignatory for the purpose of all association finance documents;
E.1.a.iii to comply with & execute, in a fair & un-bias manner, the objectives and provisions of these rules.

E.2 Vice President
E.2.a The duties of the Vice President are:
E.2.a.i to assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President;
E.2.a.ii to assist the President.

E.3 Secretary
E.3.a The duties of the Secretary are:
E.3.a.i to lodge notice with the association of his or her address upon election to office;
E.3.a.ii to establish & maintain a register of members under Rule B.1.f
E.3.a.iii to be cosignatory for the purpose of all association finance documents;
E.3.a.iv to keep minutes of all appointments to office, the names of members present at general meetings and the resolutions of general meetings and Executive meetings.
E.3.a.v to provide access to and copies of all information required by the public officer to comply with the Act & Regulation.

E.4 Treasurer
E.4.a The duties of the Treasurer are:
E.4.a.i to be cosignatory for the purpose of all association finance documents;
E.4.a.ii to ensure that all money due to the association is collected and banked and that all approved payments are made;
E.4.a.iii to ensure correct books & accounts are kept showing the financial affairs of the association. Receipts, cheque butts and petty cash vouchers are considered acceptable records.
E.4.a.iv to table to members at the annual general meeting a summary of the clubs financial affairs to the satisfaction of the members and provide a copy of this statement to the public officer for lodgement with the associations annual statement under the Act and Regulation.

E.5 Senior Contest Director
E.5.a The duties of the Senior Contest Director are:
E.5.a.i to manage all competition events;
E.5.a.ii to enforce & comply with adopted Competition Rules in a fair & unbiased manner;
E.5.a.iii to keep, maintain & replace contest equipment as approved by the Executive;
E.5.a.iv to ensure that all required equipment, in good repair and working order, is available at each competition;
E.5.a.v to report enforcement of all prescribed penalties to the Secretary within 48 hours of the completion of a competition;
E.5.a.vi to report any recommendation for disciplining of members to the Executive at the next meeting of the Executive.

E.6 Contest Directors
E.6.a The duties of the Contest Directors' are:
E.6.a.i to assist the Senior Contest Director;
E.6.a.ii to enforce & comply with Competition Rules in a fair & unbiased manner;
E.6.a.iii to report enforcement of all prescribed penalties to the Senior Contest Director as soon as practicable;
E.6.a.iv to report any recommendation for disciplining of members to the Senior Contest Director as soon as practicable.

E.7 Social Director
E.7.a The duties of the Social Director are:
E.7.a.i to ensure that a venue and suitable entertainment is organised  for the yearly presentation of awards;
E.7.a.ii to organise and hold approved social events. 

If you are standing for a Committee Position read Garie Boardriders INC9878710 Rules.

If you wish to nominate for a committee position or put on a notice of motion email: 

December 2018 Sign-Off & 2019 Here we come.....

Federal Government Small Equipment Grant

Special thanks to Hans Bendl for lodging the application and our State Member of Parliament,  Lee Evans MP for his support of Garie Boardriders Inc.  The $5,000 grant will go to urgent repairs to the club beach trailer.

Bendalong Weekend another success 

The Bendalong weekend was great, after the wind settle down on Saturday with good waves.  But too big and wild on Sunday. Great food and company.

Tradies Masters 2018

Congratulations to Brett "Danga" Daintry on a 3rd in the over 50's at the Tradies Masters held last weekend.  With some over 50's heat score totals topping out at 17.5, the competition among the old boys was feirce. 

2019 Membership Application now open

Don't forget you can download the Membership Application Form and you can pay your fees by EFT.

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019

The 2019 AGM is scheduled for 7pm, 30 January 2019 in accordance with  Garie Boardriders INC9878710 Rules of incorporation.

1st Pointscore for 2019

The first point score is scheduled for 2nd - 3rd of January 2019.

Clean-Up Australia Day Sunday 3 March 2019

Garie Boardriders are running the Garie Beach site again and this will also be the 2nd or 3rd competition date for 2019.  

Please register to attend the clean-up at Garie - 

We will have prizes for the most rubbish collected from Surf Trading Company: 

2019 Championship Results

2019 Pointscore Results

What a great season was had at Garie.  We were blessed by the wave gods and the weather for all 8 of the pointscore competitions.  Whilst other beaches were near flat, we enjoyed some cracking overhead conditions this year.  The old south swell magnet did not fail to deliver.

The stand out was Fishkiller, taking his 6th open title and the double, nudging out Danga in the Master's.  It was great to see Chris McKay back in the fold as well as Simmo.  Chris took second in Open and 3rd in Masters.  New blood Kane Mood was consistent and rewarded with a 3rd in Open.

The Juniors was very close and Cruz McKee took it out from Jarred and Zac. Zac also took out a 1st place in the Open in one competition this year, with a great performance.  With a few more competitions under Zac's belt the pointscore would have be different.

In the Micros it was the families ruling the roost. Koby took out the boys and Chynna took out the girls.  The gloms are gaining confidence in bigger waves and have no fear taking on the power of Garie's beach breaks.  Watch out Juniors....

Last but not least, at least by age, is the over 60's Dukes.  Hans had the measure of the Ryan boys this year but again Ryno's let down was not surfing in at least 6 events.  Craig Vernon joins the Dukes next year and Neil Tasker the year after so there will be pressure on the old guard in the Dukes afoot in the next couple of years.  We have 18 Dukes on the books and hope to see many more having a crack next year.

Special thanks to the core group that never let us down every year, getting down there, setting up and running the competitions, Shaggy (aka Minister for Drinks), Danga, Don, Woody and Fishy.

With a shift from 1st to 16th in 2018 - we won't publicly name NASA for 2019 but he did take out the week trip to Rote - Mercy Hurts http://mercyhuts.com, once he read his ticket number correctly!

To our families Mums and Dads who make a big effort and also help out with the judging,  we love having you down at Garie and look forward to seeing you all down there again in 2019.

Finally, to all our sponsors listed on the right of this page.   Without out your kind support this is not possible and we thank you all for your ongoing support.

The results

1st Ian Spencer, 2nd Chris McKay, 3rd Kane Mood

1st Ian Spencer, 2nd Brett Daintry, 3rd Chris McKay

1st Cruz McKee, 2nd Jarred Kidd, 3rd Zac McMartin

Boys 1st Koby Wallace, equal 2nd Lucas Cousemacker, Equal 2nd Kalani Cox
Girls 1st Chynna Hardy, 2nd Ava Hardy, 3rd Halle Kidd

1st Hans Bendle, 2nd Jeff Ryan, 3rd Paul Ryan

Bendalong Weekend

Bendalong Weekend

The Bendalong weekend will be 24th November - more to follow on this.


We will set up camp in the north-east corner of the park see the attached map.


2019 Presentation Results

The full results will be posted soon.

Call to all Garie Masters - Past and Present - Tradies Masters is On

Hi all you over 40 lads,

The Masters is on Sat 24th November 2018 – Sun 25th November 2018

Garie will have a strong showing at the Tradies Masters at Cronulla this year and we want as many of you over 40s' lads to enter as possible.

Enter the  Tradies Masters if you can.

Enter online:  https://www.surfingaustralia.com/states/nsw/events/tradies-surfmasters-pres-by-hif-1

Event Divisions:

Shortboard – Over 40/45/50/55/60 Men
Longboard – Over 40/45/50/55/60 Men
Kneeboard – Over 40 Men
SUP – Over 40 Men
Single Fin

Event Refunds: 

$10 admin fee will apply to all refunds.
Schedule & Heat Draws:
The daily running schedule and contest location will be confirmed on the Event Hotline (0458 247 212) after 6:45am each day of the event. 

*only one division entry for each discipline  - ie. you may only enter one age division in Surfmasters, Longboard, Kneeboard & SUP division.

Event Entry Fee:

$55.00 per division.  No refunds within 7 days of event.
The event will be fully mobile in the Cronulla area with the following venue options; North Cronulla Beach, Elouera Beach, Wanda Beach, South Cronulla Beach.