September Competition Cancelled - See you in October

Hi all,

Calendar for the rest of 2019 is:

Our remaining 2019 events

  • 2019 Tradies Surfmasters Cronulla - 19-20 October
  • Pointscore Competition No.9 - 26-27 October
  • Pointscore Competition No.10 9-10 November
  • Bendalong Weekend 22-24 November
  • Presentation Night 30 November - 6:00pm Engadine Tavern
  • Annual General Meeting 4 December - 6:30pm Engadine Tavern

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2019 September to December Event Update

Competition No.8 - 21 or 22 September 2019

We have been blessed with some good waves in the Royal and around since the last competition and next weekend, 21st or 22nd will see our next Point Score.  If you want to check out how you are going this season see the Competition No.7 of 2019 & Updated Pointscore.  The long range forecast for next weekend is a big north-east swell with big noth-east winds, if this holds Sunday 22nd might see mdeium size north swell with off-shore winds.


Tradies Surfmasters

Master Competitors please sign up for the 2019 Tradies Surfmasters 19-20 October 2019 at Cronulla.  You can join Surfing NSW online and Register in one or more divisions.

Open Inivitation to Committee Meetings

We wish to get interested parents and juniors involved in more events and to generate ideas for 2020, yes 2020, as we are planning ahead for 2020.  If you wish to attend the next committee meeting please come along.  We are keen to hear from our members about what works, what does not work and prepare for our end of year.  We need your help.

Lex Barnett

One of our founding members and a life member, Lex Barnett, is not well and is in the battle of his life with cancer.  We are thinking of you Lex, keep the battle up.

Our remaining 2019 events

  • Committee Meeting 17 September 6pm Engadine Tavern (interested members welcome)
  • Pointscore Competition No.8 - 21-22 September
  • Pointscore Competition No.9 - 26-27 October
  • Pointscore Competition No.10 9-10 November
  • Bendalong Weekend 22-24 November
  • Presentation Night 30 November - 6:00pm Engadine Tavern
  • Annual General Meeting 4 December - 6:30pm Engadine Tavern

Special thanks to our sponsors

2019 Tradies Surfmasters - 19th & 20th October 2019

Garie Boardriders has a strong group of Masters competitors.  Danga and Fishy have won this event before and many of our Masters competitors are capable of taking out Danga and Fishy and can give this competition a wake up.

We want has many of our over 35 competitors to enter this competition as possible.

The divisions are:
  • Over 35
  • Over 40
  • Over 50
  • Over 60
There are other divisions as well.

The process is simple get your credit card out and:
* Multiple division entries are allowed (Danga has already enter the over 40's and Over 50's......  GET CRACKING MASTERS)

Surfing NSW membership: $56.10
Event Entry Fee per division $50.00 per division.
Event Refunds: No refunds within 14 days of the event. $10 admin fee will apply to all refunds. 

 Schedule & Heat Draws:

Saturday19th: Shortboard
Sunday 20th: Longboard, SUP, Kneeboard

The event will be fully mobile in the Cronulla area with the following venue options; North Cronulla Beach, Elouera Beach, Wanda Beach, South Cronulla Beach.

The daily running schedule and contest location will be confirmed on the Event Hotline (0458 247 212) after 6:45am the day of the event. 

Adult Ski Jackets $80 current & life members

Hi all,

There is a very limited supply of club Jackets, the same quality as the previous jackets.  Current and Life members have first option to purchase.

Simply email garie.registrar@gmail.com the size you want, we will confirm we still have your size.

Then transfer the money to the club account when your size is confirmed and then you can collect at the next Competition.

All payments for the jackets must be made by EFT.  First in best dressed.

Garie Boardriders Inc.
BSB   06 2164
ACC  1023 9690
Amount: $80

EFT Reference: Surname Size (i.e. Daintry S)

Also very last chance to order Junior Jackets in the following sizes

Competition No.7 of 2019 & Updated Pointscore

We had one of the best competitions this year with near perfect 3-4 foot waves on a great bank with offshore conditions until the southerly buster that hit the Junior and Open Finals.

What that meant was that the highest scoring heat of the day was actually the Masters Final.  The Masters final was a hard one to judge.  The Masters were also bless with a heat where the waves just did not stop coming.   There are 300 plus photographs on the club's Facebook Page: Garie Boardriders Inc.

The results:


Loving the nice inside reformers:

1. Taisha Johnston
2. Evie Johnston (13 waves in 20 minutes)
3. Kalani Hibbert
4. Summer Stewart


Four 1st for Cruz this year but with 5 competitions held Jarred Kidd holds 1st in the Point Score.  Remember Juniors your best 6 competition results count in the final tally and with 3 competitions left this year attendance will allow you to drop lower results.

1. Cruz McKee
2. Mitch O'loughlin
3. Clinton Browne
4. Jarred Kidd
5. Taj Kidd
6. Zane Kidd


In the soup that was a fully chopped up result of the southerly buster everyone struggled to find a really good one but Chris McKay was the clear winner, finding 2 good wave, amongst the chop.

1. Chris McKay
2. Ian Spencer
3. Steve Drysdale
4. Kane Mood
5. Brett Daintry
6. Cruz McKee


It was a great final with a 10 second to go "buzzer beater" a taking it out.  You always love it hearing the hooter just after you get to your feet, but you alway hate seeing someone doing it when you are already standing on the beach.

1. Brett Daintry
2. Ian Spencer
3. Chris McKay
4. Brett Hardy
5. Steve Drysdale
6. Don McCaw


1. Hans Bendle

Where are our over 60's this winter?  Get a new 4x3 each and get back down here!

Pointscore Update

You can download a copy of the Pointscore Spreadsheet here: 2019 - Garie Pointscore - All Divisions.xlsx.

The whole results depend upon attending at least 6 competitions from the scheduled 10.  We have held 5 from the scheduled 7, 2 dropped because of bad conditions but 3 remain and with several good surfers having dropped a competition achieving 6 at the end of the season will mix up the current rankings.

Garie Boardriders - Embroided Jackets


Adults $80, Kids will be around $55.

There is a limit run done so bring your cash tomorrow to the 7th Pointscore of 2019.

We are in addition to the T-Shirts ordering Club Jackets the same as the ski jackets we got a few years ago.

If you wish to order Jackets please email garie.registrar@gmail.com with your order including size requirements as follows:



Fathers Day 1 September - Competition No.7 moved to 24th-25th August 2019

The Committee agreed that running a competition, potentially on Fathers Day, was not a great idea so we will resume the post winter break a week earlier.  Please lock away 24th -25th August for the next Pointscore Comptition.