Updated Calendar after Competition No.4 of 2018

Competition No.4 of 2018 run and won. - results soon.

The upcoming events calendar is:
  • Competition No.5 of 2018 - 19 May TWIGHLIGHT COMP Start ~ Midday and Sleepover
  • Competition No.6 of 2018 - 9-10 June
  • Competition No.7 of 2018 -  25-26 August
  • Foster Weekend - TBC
  • Competition No.8 of 2018 - 15-16 September
  • Competition No.9 of 2018 - 27-28 October
  • Competition No.10 of 2018 - 10-11 November
  • Bendalong Weekend - November (TBC)
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Garie Girl's - Comp tomorrow - STC Prize up for grabs...

Marcus Latham's Surf Trading Company have donated a competition leggy for the best girl surfer tomorrow.

Make sure your name is on the draw before 7am.  Conditions look good.

Masters, please get down early help us set up and get you in the water early......

Competition No.4 of 2018

Competition No.4 has been scheduled for this Sunday. 

Draw Opens at 6:30am, 7am Sign up. Nice little 3' east swell predicted, great for the current banks. 

See you all there.

Competition No.3 of 2018

The comp was again held on the better day, Sunday, and we were treated to summer conditions yet again with the mercury over 30 deg! The wind also held offshore all day grooming a nice 3’ swell. The banks were also treating us to nice little A frames with the odd bomb.

We had another fantastic roll up with a few new heads along with some past members such as Snr and Jr Brown, Corey Robbo and Fletch even made an appearance.  All we need now is Jelly and Petsy to come back! 

Again the level of surfing was superb with heaps of standouts as everyone was ripping! The juniors were all tearing the great little waves with Zac on fire on the lefts followed by Cruz and Mitch. The Dukes had a Hot Final with the old salts tearing apart the waves like they had a Bingo match to win! 

The maters seem to be an increasing division with numbers growing every comp, good to see Neil back and ripping. Also good to see the president (Drew) making his mark in the geriatric division, and Kennos doing well with one wave totals. Micro is also another growing division with more kids than I can count. 

All of them Frothing on the shories having a blast, thanks to parents and others who assisted them getting waves. The Opens showcased some excellent surfing from Jay Brown, Brett Hardy and basically all the other open competitors. 

They were tearing the ocean into submission with their razor fins disfiguring waves by blowing out chunks of water – great to watch.

Just in Donny has rearranged his foot with a fin, so wont be there for the next comp.



1st Lucas
2nd Chynna
3rd Jade 
4th Ava 
5th Koby
6th Halle
7th Taisha
8th Evie
9th Cora


1st Zac M
2nd Mitch O
3rd Cruz M
4th Jarrod K
5th Beau W
6th Clinton B
7th Jett H


1st Jay Brown
2nd Brett Hardy
3rd Ian Spencer
4th Chris McKay
5th Daniel Marczuk 
6th Brett Daintry


1st Ian Spencer
2nd Chris McKay
3rd Drew Cousemaker
4th Grant Kenny
5th Brett Daintry
6th Neil Tasker


1st Hans Bendle, 
2nd Jeff Ryan

Big thanks to the guys and Girls helping out on the day, Don with the gear, Woody and Dangas set up, Shaggs and Co Managing the BBQ, and everyone judging.
Also thanks to the sponsors that support the club:
  • Island Aclassic
  • Carve, Oztrail
  • Vissla
  • SIC Surf
  • STC (Surf Trading Company)
  • Mercy Huts 
  • Phantom Engineering
  • Gecko Projects 
  • PCC Surfboards
Next Comp #4 is the 7th April, as usual the best day of the weekend for surfing will be selected. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates, usually Thursday afternoon the week before the scheduled comp details will be posted.

See you all there. 

Don't forget to follow us by entering your email to the right --> Follow by emailUpdated Competition Calendar:

Competition No.4 of 2018 - 7-8 April
Competition No.5 of 2018 - 12-13 May TWIGHLIGHT COMP Start ~ Midday and SleepoverCompetition No.6 of 2018 - 9-10 JuneCompetition 
No.7 of 2018 -  25-26 AugustFoster Weekend - TBCCompetition 
No.8 of 2018 - 15-16 SeptemberCompetition 
No.9 of 2018 - 27-28 OctoberCompetition 
No.10 of 2018 - 10-11 NovemberBendalong Weekend - November (TBC)

Competition No.2 of 2018

2nd competition run and won

Comp #2 Sunday 11th March 2018

The call was to run the comp on Sunday, and what a call – the waves were 3-5’ pumping with no wind all comp. Left and rights were aplenty with the tide making little difference to the quality. As far as comps go you really couldn’t get a better combination of waves and conditions.

We had a great roll up with some old members, apparently not just beer talk at the 40th reunion, showing up all guns blazing. We ran a few masters heats to clear the water as there was some “creep” into the comp area from the blow ins. We then ran the opens, juniors and Micros followed by the semis and finals.

There was so much great surfing going on its hard to pick the outstanding surfers. A few mentions include Shane and Chris still ripping and back to reclaim a tittle, Cruz doing his thing ripping the Juniors along with Jarred K, Garp and Marzy shredding and getting vertical on critical sections, Woody doing his usual power surfing whilst Dangas was milking the best out of them, and in my mind Jared Edwards going to town like a Boss.


1st China, 2nd Harlan, 3rd Angus, 4th Hamsa, 5th Cora, 6th Isac, 7th Ava, 8th Halle, 9th Kobi, 10th Noah

1st Cruz M, 2nd Jarred K, 3rd Clinton B, 4th Beau W, 5th Taj K, 6th Jett H, 7th Kye S

1st Gareth Maleys, 2nd Daniel Marczuk, 3rd Chris McKay, 4th Troy Wood, 5th Ian Spencer, 6th Shane Simpson.

1st Ian Spencer, 2nd Chris McKay, 3rd Shane Simpson, 4th Brett Daintry, 5th Craig Vernon, 6th Don McCaw, 7th Hans Bendle

1st Hans Bendle

Big thanks to the guys and Girls helping out on the day, Hans with the gear, Woody and Dangas set up, Summer and Co Managing the BBQ, Anthony with the Clubbie help, and everyone judging.

Also thanks to the sponsors that support the club:
Island Aclassic, Carve, DP Surfboards, Oztrail, Vissla, SIC Surf, STC (Surf Trading Company), Mercy Huts, Phantom Engineering, Gecko Projects.

See Garie Boardriders web page for 40th run down what a great night, the question of the night is will “O Cal” come good with the Petsy pledge of $20k for 1st place in opens for the year! Rumour has it that Island Aclassic is closing down, keep an eye out for some bargains. Also rumoured is the closing of the Engadine pub for redevelopment.
Next Comp #3 is the 24th March, as usual the best day of the weekend for surfing will be selected.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates, usually Thursday afternoon the week before the scheduled comp details will be posted.

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See you all there.


Leader write up by John Veage

Garie Boardriders is happy to be a part of Shire Surfing after 40 year of competitive surfing in the Royal National Park.  Thanks to all our past members who made the effort to join us at the 40th reunion.


2017 Awards & 40th Anniversaty Wrap Up

2017 Awards

The presentations were awarded prior to the 40th reunion.  Age before beauty, we start with the Dukes division,  that is our over 60 division.

Dukes was a hotly contested division and the top 3 came down to a battle between Hans Bendl and the Ryan Brothers.  Only 3 points separated 1st and 2nd, Hans taking it out from Jeff Ryan with Paul Ryan at distant third.  Ryno is the danger man in 2018, but we have a few more members knocking down the 60th birthday door in 2018 and 2019 will see a few more joining the Dukes.

35 years after Danga’s his first Junior title, the perpetual grommet, continued recent years' form taking out our over 45 Masters division on 318 points,  from Kel Batcheldor on 300 and Don McGaw.  2018 will be a harder task in the Masters as gun surfers, Fishkiller and Jarred Oriel enter the fray (and demonstrated that at the 1st competition this year).  Past open champion Shane Simpson is also threatening a come back... Magoo says he is threatening along with Captain, we will see, watch that space.

Switching back to the grommets, who we hope are all still competing in 40 years time, our Mirco Girls division was taken out by Jess Hutchison, on 213 points, from Ava and Chynna Hardy 2nd and 3rd respectively.  The girls did really well, all improving significantly over the season, in often tough conditions.

In the Mircro Boys division, another family effort prevailed, with Beau Wallace 1st on 223 points and Koby Wallace 3rd on 145 points, but they were split by Jett Hardy in 2nd on 174 points.

All the grommets surfed exceptional well last year and we have seen them steadily improve.  Garie is not a beach for the faint hearted.   All our grommets stepped up to the challenge in 2017.  2018 is shaping up to be a hotly contested year for our grommets.

In the Junior division, and for only the second time in the history of the Club, we had a tied 1st place with Mitch’Oloughlan and Cruz Mckee both finishing a strong season on 318 point.  Joel Balmer  was 3rd on 269 points and is on the improve and worth watching in 2018.  The quality of surfing with our juniors is high and we hope that there are a few inter club events in 2018 where they can go up against the Cronulla juniors, noting that they do a bit of surfing around Cronulla as well.   It was also pleasing to see Cruz out at Cronulla Point recently in 8-10 foot stuff....  Keep it up juniors.

In Opens, Mitch O’Loughlan, on 297 points, gave the older boys a hard time this year, backing up from his win in the Juniors, to take out a close 3rd place to Ian (Fishkiller) Spencer, on 309 points, in 2nd.  It was Troy Wood who prevailed in 2017, as the clear winner on 334 point.  Troy surfed at a consistently high standard throughout 2017 and was our deserving open champ.

Club stalwarts Hans Bendl (Life Member) and his wife Judy Bendl were awarded club member of the year for their fund raising efforts running the Bunnings BBQs (also a special mention to Shaggy for his efforts) and for the massive effort put into organising the presentation and 40th.

Cruz Mckee despite taking out the juniors was also awarded Wipe-Out of the Year after breaking both arms during the year.  Stick to surfing, it is safer Cruz....

The NASA (Not a Surfers Arsehole) award winner was Dane Whiteside.  Dane you have to find a good barber mate, we will start a collection to get you a proper hair cut.  Just because you ride alternative boards doesn’t mean you need an alternative head.  Thanks Dane for joining the committee for 2018, we expect that you will be organising a few parties this year.

40th Reunion

The 40th reunion kicked off with Peter (Westy) West (our 1st President) and Gary (Snake) Kennedy (our 1st Secretary-Treasurer) recalling how the club was formed in 1977, with its first competition in 1978.

Peter proposed a toast to the club and to acknowledge the efforts of Danga, Hans and Captain for holding the club together over the decades since he and Snake left the Committee.  Westy and Snake were stoked that the club they and their fellow founding members started in 1977, is as strong as ever.    It was great to see so many founding and past members present.

It was impossible for everyone that has made efforts over the decades to be thanked.  One notable omission on the night was the efforts of Alan Irwin, in the early years, as he was the Club’s very first grommet and an early committee member that made a big contribution during the 1980’s.  Thanks Alan.

With the unavoidable absence of O’Cal noted, Petsy roasted many members (no poem) starting with Bumhead, Jelly and others, then spoke on O’Cals behalf stating that O’Cal will be throwing $20,000 at first prize in the open division for 2018 (yet to be confirmed by O’Cal.....).  We are expecting a call from O’Cal not long after this post, as Pettsy has been known to be loose with the facts at times.  There could be a few too many zeros quoted by Aaron, please call or email O'Cal....

Most life members were present and were called up to welcome a new life member, as Greg (Magoo) Mckee was inducted onto the life members board.  Magoo was Treasuer in the 90s and recently took on the role as our 2nd public officer since our incorporation in 1992.  Magoo has also taken on the Secretary’s role, after Denis Miller stepped aside mid-last season.  We hope Magoo continues as Secretary for many more years to come as the club values those who do the heavy lifting behind the scenes to keep the club running.

Life membership is not the end of any members contributions to our Club, it is the start, and we hope to see more of our life and past members back this season, especially those such as Lex Barnett, and others, who still rip.

We thank the current Committee for pulling the event together, Bumhead for his work with the sponsors and Franko, Commodore of Cronulla Yacht Club, for hosting our 40th.  We will be holding further reunions in the coming years and Cronulla Yacht Club is the likely venue, a unanimously successful venue and 40th.

Next Competition: Competition No.2 of 2018 - 10 March - Sign On is now open - Sign On - 10th March 2018