Garie Road Update - Closed Until Spring

 The most current news we have from NPWS is that the Road will be closed until at-least Spring 2022 with the aim of being opened for warmer period, we suspect because they get so much income from park entries they actually need this road opened rather than any other urgency.

RMS will be using the overflow parking on the hair pin bend so we have been advised that the NPWS will not open that carpark either.  NPWS are taking offence to those walking in but as the coast track is open in parts controlling access to this public beach remains hard.

Good luck all hope you can find a wave otherwise.

Garie Road - UPDATE

Hi Current and Past Members,

Here is the lastest update about Garie Road that came through today from NPWS:

Good morning everyone, 

By now you may have heard that Garie Road has been impacted by the recent rainfall events.


Garie Road

    • Yesterday at approximately 12.00pm Transport for NSW advised that the road surface had dropped about 5 cm overnight and that as a result the road would be completely closed to all vehicles.
    • Garie road is a Transport for NSW asset
    • We have been advised that Transport will be conducting geotechnical testing sometime within the next to weeks which will provide a clearer understanding of the situation
    • The Garie precinct, buildings etc will remain closed to everyone throughout this period

Garie Headland

    • Garie Headland path remains closed
    • Several new rock and landslips were identified in the recent drone survey
    • We are also waiting on the latest geotechnical advice related to Garie Headland and this path of travel will remain closed until this report is received and necessary works can be implemented
    • Works on Garie headland may be delayed due to access issues associated with Garie Road

Garawarra farm road

    • Garawarra farm road remains open to key holders to access the car park and burgh ridge track
    • Works on the road have been delayed due to the weather
    • The road is will be opened to the public from this weekend and closed again when works are underway


    • We ask that visits to Little Garie cabins be restricted to essential trips during this period and are accessed via The Burgh Ridge track
    • No alternative access is being considered at this stage however the situation will be reassessed when further information is available from Transport



Brendon Neilly

Area Manager, Royal Area

Park Operations

NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service

TWO-UP and New Life Member @ Engadine Tavern - Noon Anzac Day

 Hi all current and past members,

Garie Boardriders Inc. is hosting Two-Up at Engadine Tavern, on 25 April 2022, from 12 noon to 4pm.

We are also inducting a new life member.  He joined in the early 1980s and has made a long-standing contribution to the running of Garie Boardriders over decades as he was an easy choice for Life Membership.

Most of our life members have advised they are showing up to welcome our new life member and all past and present members are welcome to join in this reunion whether or not you are into Two-Up.

Over 750 members have passed through the club since 1978 and all are welcome to join us on the 25th of April at Engadine Tavern.

Garie Beach Road - Closed

RMS have advised that the road is closed.  Get your walking shoes on for surfing in the Royal.


Competition tomorrow 20 March 2022

 Hi all,

Pass the word the competition is on tomorrow.

Report 6:30am, comp will start early.

2022 Begins - first competition is 5-6 February 2022

 We welcome you back for 2022 (our 44th season).

The first competition is 5-6 February 2022.  

Report time for the committee is 6am.  Draw at 6:30am, First heat before 7am.

Please join ASAP on https://surfingaustralia.com/clubs - search for “Garie".

This includes Life Members wishing to surf, you must still join as a "Life Member" through https://surfingaustralia.com/clubs - search for “Garie".  Shaggy, Hans will help you complete the process for a six (6) pack!


The calendar for 2022 is:

  • 5-6 February 2022 Competition 1
  • 26-27 February 2022 Competition 2
  • 19-20 March 2022 Competition 3 - Twilight Comp
  •  9-10 April 2022 Competition 4 - Clean Up Australia Day
  •  13-15 May 2022 - Bendalong Weekend - NOT TO BE MISSED PRESENT AND PAST MEMBERS WELCOME
  •  4-5 June 2022 - Competition 5
  •  2-3 July 2022 - Competition 6
  • 6-7 August 2022 - Competition 7
  • 10-21 September 2022 - Competition 8
  • 8-9 October 2022 - Competition 9
  • 5-6 November 2022 - Competition 10
  •  26 No ember 2022 - Presentation


Brett Daintry & Anthony Farquhar
Garie Boardriders Inc.9878710

Email: garie.registrar@gmail.com

Join the Club

Check out our club’s pages, events & membership stuff:

 https://surfingaustralia.com/clubs - search for “Garie"




Competition 6 - CANCELLED

Due to our most disliked Virus is 100 years we are again prevented from holding Point scores.

The committee is going to meet on Zoom this week and plan the rest of the 2021 season.

Automatic Email updates are now switched off on our website.

Current and past members who have signed up on Surfing Australia's portal will receive email updates.

Competition – 6  TBC – COVID AFFECTED

Competition 7 – 7-8 August 2021

Competition 8 – 4-5 September 2021

Spring School Holidays – Monday 20 September to Friday 1 October

Labour Day – 4 October 2021

Competition 9 – 9-10 October 2021

Bendalong Weekend - 15-17 October 2021 (This surf permitting will now include a Double Pointscore Event) to make up for lost events because of COVID.  More news on this to follow but we may even go down on the 14th and setup.

Competition 10 – 6-7 November 2021

Two-Head Competition and Presentation Night - 20 November 2021.

Annual General Meeting - 25 November 2021

Join online for 2021https://surfingaustralia.com/clubs/  - search for “Garie” and click “Join Club” & pay online.


Electronic Funds Transfer details:

To:                               : Garie Boardriders Inc.

BSB                              : 06 2164

Account :                 1023 9690

Description               : SURNAME First Name or Initial or “FAMILY”



Juniors  (under 18 at 1 January 2021)                    $20 / person

Adults                                                                              $70 / person

Families with Juniors (Parents and Children)       $100 / family 


Email:                         garie.registrar@gmail.com

Website:                    www.garieboardriders.com

Facebook:               www.facebook.com/garie.boardriders

Instragram:              https://www.instagram.com/garie_boardriders/


 Hi Past and Present members,

This is a short but very important update as the functionality of our website is changing and the automatic email updates from this site to those who have subscribed are being killed off by Google.

Therefore, we look like we will have to create a new website sooner rather than later.  The effect is that whereas you get an email every time we update the website, you will not get an email in the near future.

The best way around this, in the short term, is to make sure that you register your membership (or even Past membership) with Garie Boardriders by joining Garie Boardriders on the Surfing Australia portal - https://surfingaustralia.com/memberships/

If you register but don't pay the fees you will still be linked to Garie Boardriders as a past member and stay connected to the Club.

Once you click the link Sign up by searching for Garie Boardriders, even if you are a past member, can keep up to date so you don't miss social events like the Old Boys Reunion (every Anzac Day).

Please register through Surfing Australia and you will get our newsletters via email through the Surfing Australia portal.

We have our sights on our 50th Anniversary a few years off but...  We wish to make sure that all Past members stay in contact with us.  So, register with Surfing Australia and nominate Garie as your primary club to keep in contact with us.

Other ways to keep in contact include the following but nothing is as good as registering through Surfing Australia:

• https://www.garieboardriders.com  

• https://surfingaustralia.com/clubs - search for “Garie"

• https://www.facebook.com/garie.boardriders  

• https://www.instagram.com/garie_boardriders/ 

• https://groups.google.com/u/1/g/garie-boardriders

Next Competition: 6:30am signon 24 April 2021

Two-Up & Old Boys - Noon @ Engadine Tavern 25 April 2021


Brett Daintry
Garie Boardriders Inc.

mobile: 0408463714

Changes to National Parks Annual Passes


Mr. Brett Daintry
Garie Boardriders Inc.

Dear Mr Daintry


Changes to National Parks Annual Passes



As one of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) key stakeholders, I am writing to advise of changes coming to our entry pass products.


From 20 April 2021 NPWS annual and someday passes will transition to digital passes which will make it easier for park visitors to pay entry fees, manage and renew passes online, and apply for concessions.

When visitors purchase or renew their annual pass they will be immediately issued with a digital pass that is linked to their vehicle. This means no more waiting for a sticker in the mail to display on their windscreen.


Digital day passes are also being introduced at 11 of our most popular parks in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, including Royal, Ku-ring-gai Chase, Kamay Botany Bay, and Sydney Harbour National Parks. Entry fee payment machines in these parks will be linked to a vehicle number plate, meaning a ticket no longer needs to be displayed.


The changes to park passes will happen in phases over the next 24 months as current passes expire. All passes, including existing annual passes, remain valid until their expiry date and are still required to be displayed correctly on the vehicle.


Eligible pensioners and concession cardholders will continue to be able to apply for entry fee concessions and will now be able to do this online without having to leave home or wait for the mail. Under the new system passes will be linked to a vehicle registered in their name or one at their home address.

More information about improvements to the entry fee program can be found at nswparkspass.info.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at the office on 02 9542 0632


Yours sincerely,


Brendon Neilly



Brendon Neilly

Area Manager, Royal Area
Park Operations
NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service

159 Farnell Avenue,

Royal National Park