Notice of Annual General Meeting - 6pm - Wed 4th December 2019 - Engadine Tavern

Garie Boardriders AGM Agenda

The meeting will be held in accordance with the Associations Rules.

If you are standing for a Committee Position read Garie Boardriders INC9878710 Rules.

Annual Reports

  1. President Ian Spencer - How the objectives of the Association have been achieved over the last year (E.1.a.iii)
  2. Vice President - Don McCaw - How the objectives of the Association have been achieved over the last year (E.1.a.iii)
  3. Secretary - Brett Daintry - To provide the minutes from the previous AGM (E.3.a.iv)
  4. Treasurer - Brett Daintry - To provide summary of the clubs financial affairs (E.4.a.iv)
  5. Competition Director - Brett Hardy - To provide equipment report (E.5.a.iii)
  6. Social Director - Jeff Ryan - To provide summary of social activities (E.7.a.ii)

Secretary/Treasures Report 2019

Interim Teasuers Report

At this date the accounts for the season have not been closed off for 2019 and I cannot provide the final accounts.

The current bank balance at this date is $4,277.12.  There are more T-Shirts on backorder so this will be reduced by about another $500 at least.

There are Jackets ($80 adults, $55 Juniors) and Caps ($25) for sale so income is yet to be realised.

The larges capital expenditure this season was 4 new trailers and insurance.  A more detailed report of income and expenditure will be provided at the AGM.

Secretary's report

The minutes from the last AGM are below.  Several Executive Committee meetings were held through out the year which resulted is a well coordinated seasons.   

The new point-score system is working seamlessly and cut back the time calculation of point-score results taken and has eliminated errors in adding up the point-score as it is all driven by final places. 

My thanks go to Hans Bendl (Public Officer) who again this season made another great effort - we cannot function without you Hans - thanks again.  Jeff Ryan has been unwell this year and it has made all of us appreciate how much work Jeff does each year as well.  Jeff's recovering so we hope to see Shaggy at Bendalong with us, if not at the presentation night.

I have observed many presidents since I joined 1983 but Fishy proved this season to be among the very best the Club has had and attended every competition and made a significant difference to the running of events, thanks Fishy.  

Don McCaw made an outstanding contribution as our Vice President and I can see him being a future President as he continues to make a significant contribution to the Club.  

Brett Hardy had his first season as Senior Contest Director foisted upon him as Troy Wood had a gap year.  Thanks Brett for your efforts. Hopefully you and Woody can make a big contribution in 2020.

The stand out contest directors for 2019 have been Russel Wallace and Greg McKee, I hope that you both stand again as Contest Directors for 2020 as we need all hands on deck on competition days. 

Finally to our Clean-Up Australia Day Mums - What a great effort.

Storeroom Clean-UP is on Thursday 21 November 2019

Hans and I are going to do a Storeroom Clean-UP on Thursday 21 November 2019.  Anyone who is around and wishes to help out please ring me on 0408463714 for the time.  Probably mid morning after an early surf.

Minutes Previous AGM 

The 2019 previous AGM was be held, at 7pm, Wednesday 30 January 2019, at Engadine Tavern, Station Street, Engadine.

Annual Reports were provided by the Committee.


Public Officer: Hans Bendl (Statutory Position for Association)

Notice of all meetings shall be given to the Public Officer. (I.1.e)  The Public Officer can attend and vote at any meeting of the Association as a member. Hans has also advised that he is happy to look after the equipment this years as we need repairs to the trailer and other equipment.


Office bearers who constitute the Executive and control & manage the affairs of the association are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Director, & Senior Contest Director. (D.1.b):
  • President: Ian Spencer
  • Vice President: Don McCaw
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Brett Daintry
  • Senior Contest Director: Brett Hardy (TBC)
  • Social Director (AKA Minister for Drinks): Jeff Ryan (TBC)

Competition Committee

Office bearers who constitute the competition committee and manage all competition events are the Senior Contest Director & eight (8) contest directors.

Contest Directors:
  • Anthony Farquhar
  • Sean Gale
  • John Solomon
  • Russel Wallace
  • Brett Hardy
  • Greg McKee
  • Kel Batcheldor
  • Marcus Latham


The social committee is constituted by the Social Director & any interested members.  That is Jeff Ryan and anyone willing to help Jeff will organise and hold approved social events.


The incoming committee wish to acknowledge the efforts of the outgoing committee, in particular Drew Cousemacker and Greg McKee both life members and Brad Cox as Sponsor Liaison. 


There was once notice of motion relating to the adoption of a simplified pointscore system.

The new system was adopted on the basis that it be reviewed early in 2019.

The adopted Point Score System for 2019 was as follows:


The discussions were around the usual calendar and other events.  It was agreed to proceed with buying the new trailers as the big trailer needed repairs and that could not be achieved quickly.

Election of 2020 Committee


E The office bearers

E.1 President
E.1.a The duties of the President are:
E.1.a.i to be chairman of general meetings and Executive meetings;
E.1.a.ii to be cosignatory for the purpose of all association finance documents;
E.1.a.iii to comply with & execute, in a fair & un-bias manner, the objectives and provisions of these rules.

E.2 Vice President
E.2.a The duties of the Vice President are:
E.2.a.i to assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President;
E.2.a.ii to assist the President.

E.3 Secretary
E.3.a The duties of the Secretary are:
E.3.a.i to lodge notice with the association of his or her address upon election to office;
E.3.a.ii to establish & maintain a register of members under Rule B.1.f
E.3.a.iii to be cosignatory for the purpose of all association finance documents;
E.3.a.iv to keep minutes of all appointments to office, the names of members present at general meetings and the resolutions of general meetings and Executive meetings.
E.3.a.v to provide access to and copies of all information required by the public officer to comply with the Act & Regulation.

E.4 Treasurer
E.4.a The duties of the Treasurer are:
E.4.a.i to be cosignatory for the purpose of all association finance documents;
E.4.a.ii to ensure that all money due to the association is collected and banked and that all approved payments are made;
E.4.a.iii to ensure correct books & accounts are kept showing the financial affairs of the association. Receipts, cheque butts and petty cash vouchers are considered acceptable records.
E.4.a.iv to table to members at the annual general meeting a summary of the clubs financial affairs to the satisfaction of the members and provide a copy of this statement to the public officer for lodgement with the associations annual statement under the Act and Regulation.

E.5 Senior Contest Director
E.5.a The duties of the Senior Contest Director are:
E.5.a.i to manage all competition events;
E.5.a.ii to enforce & comply with adopted Competition Rules in a fair & unbiased manner;
E.5.a.iii to keep, maintain & replace contest equipment as approved by the Executive;
E.5.a.iv to ensure that all required equipment, in good repair and working order, is available at each competition;
E.5.a.v to report enforcement of all prescribed penalties to the Secretary within 48 hours of the completion of a competition;
E.5.a.vi to report any recommendation for disciplining of members to the Executive at the next meeting of the Executive.

E.6 Contest Directors
E.6.a The duties of the Contest Directors' are:
E.6.a.i to assist the Senior Contest Director;
E.6.a.ii to enforce & comply with Competition Rules in a fair & unbiased manner;
E.6.a.iii to report enforcement of all prescribed penalties to the Senior Contest Director as soon as practicable;
E.6.a.iv to report any recommendation for disciplining of members to the Senior Contest Director as soon as practicable.

E.7 Social Director
E.7.a The duties of the Social Director are:
E.7.a.i to ensure that a venue and suitable entertainment is organised  for the yearly presentation of awards;
E.7.a.ii to organise and hold approved social events. 

If you are standing for a Committee Position read Garie Boardriders INC9878710 Rules.

Notices of Motion

  1. Thank-you to Sponsors
  2. Payments to Club to be Electronic Funds Transfer Only from 2020 onwards other than for BBQ.
  3. New or Upgrade Equipment 2020 (we have a wish list)
  4. Draft Calendar for 2020 (suggestions welcomed but 1st weekend each month is the default position)
  5. Call to Parents (we want more parents to take on Contest Directors positions including the Mums)
If anyone has notices of motion please email them to garie.registrar@gmail.com 

General Business

Current members and life members can raise any general business after consideration of notices of motions.

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