Comp 1 Report and News.

Not last comp, but pretty sic!

G'day all just letting you all know whats been happening over the past month & whats coming up

Jim Beam Surftag

As you may know we entered two teams into the JimBeam surftag which was held in Cronulla on Saturday the 30th of Jan.
The idea to enter two teams were that, One we thought it would give more of out top surfers a chance to compete at a higher level, Two it gave us more chance of getting a team to the national final & three to get all the boys together and make a day of it. The two teams were as follows

Team A
Ryan Pike
Gareth Malleys
Dan Marczuk
Ian Fishkiller spencer
Denis Wright

Team B
Scotty Roots
Marty Williams
Mark Brown
Rob Merideth
Chris Grocott

All the boys surfed well and both teams just missed out narrowly. Our standard of surfing was definatley good enough it was just the old time issue and a couple of throw away waves which hurt us in the end. So i really believe with a bit of practice surfing this format its only a matter of time we will make the final.
Stand out surfers were Ryan Pike, Dan Marczuk, Scotty Roots & Chriss Grocot, & Gareth Malleys
Thanks to all the boys for representing Garie & everyone who came down to support.

Captain Couse

Social tag team comp this saturday March 6th Incorporating clean up Australia day, All welcome
How the comp will work...
The format will be very similar to the Jim Beam Surftag
Once numbers are confirmed you will be put into evenly matched five man/women teams, Each heat will run for 60 minutes giving each surfer 12 minutes to catch three waves only, with each wave counting towards your teams score, each surfers second wave is worth double points. If your team wins its first round heat your team will go straight through to the final. Second & third from each heat of the first round will surf in a repercharge where the winner will progress to the final therefore each team is guarunteed to surf in two heats.
It shouldnt be as long a day as the normal pointscore comp & should be done & dusted by 12 or 1pm
BBQ and drinks will be available as usual so should be a good light hearted fun day

Please note that this comp is on saturday March 6th not sunday as reported in the Engadine news.

Cyclone Millsy

Competition #1 Report

Well Guys and Gals, what a great start to the year with a clean easterly 4-6 foot swell and light norwest wind to greet us for our first pointscore. (See rawry for swell period in seconds).

The early rounds saw a few good barrels being ridden notebly by Sarge for what was very close to being a perfect 10. Neil Tasker was a standout throughout the early rounds wearing the undefeated red contest shirt for most of the day.
Other standouts for the day include Chris Grocot, Scotty Roots, Fishy, Jelly, Marzy, Marty "look at my new shorts" Williams, who also took out best dressed award strutting and flexing his way through the day in a fine pair of Hurley boardshorts. Troy Wood also surfed /danced his way through the early rounds only to be taken down by fellow devon Kennos who eventually went on to take out 3rd in the masters, yew! Ryan Pike put his fine act together for the whole day to eventually dominate the event.
Thanks to the committee for getting the ball rolling again this year and organising the day.
It was great to see so many juniors turn up this year, a good mix of Stanny crew & Shire boys which is sure to produce the most competitave season yet. (tell ya mates its not too late to join)
Also thanks to the parents of some of the boys for getting them there and hanging arround.
Thanks to Latho who is out of the water at the moment and found time to keep the bbq going for the club and the public who were stopping by to check out the great surfing going down.
Thanks to Carve and Latho's company STC for providing prizes for the junior finalists, Im sure all the grommies went home stoked with their day.
Special mention to Nolesy for the barrel of the day dissapearing inside a kegging lefthander, getting spat out and pulling off the mother of all cutties. Would have been a 10 in any WCT contest.
Special mention to Ryan Pike for winning the opens on a day when there was a lot of good surfers in the comp, Anna Martin for winning the ladies for possibly the first time & to Sean Dorahey & Chris Robo for making it to the juniors & opens final well done boys
Results are;
1-Shaun Dorahy 
2-Chris Robinson          
3-Byron Brown 
4-Corey Robinson
4-Chris Robinson
5-Jared Edwards
6-Benson Brown

1-Anna Martin
2-Emma Mulquiny
3-Lisa Mulquiny 

1-Fish Killer
5-Drew Chandler 
6-Marty Williams

1-Ryan Pike
2-Dan Markzuk
3-Shaun Dorahey
4-Chris Robinson
5-Drew Chandler

The man in the greenroom
Brad Bumhead Cox

Snow Trip

Start thinking about the snow because Magoo has been busy getting quotes & organising the bus, accom etc all the details & cost will be available in the next week or two. this is sure to be an awsome weekend & one not to be missed.
For any questions in the meantime call Magoo on 0404472383

Tshirts & hoodies

Bumhead has designed this years shirts & handed it over to Latho who is getting them made through his company & club sponsor STC.
Latho tells me they should be ready in 5 to 6 weeks.
We are going to get hoodies made before winter comes arround so if you want one and havnt put your name on the list you must let us know asap because we will order them next week after this weekends comp & we are only ordering them off that list. they will cost $40

See you all at the comp on Saturday

Captain Couse

Please remember to support out sponsors
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